Westshore Weight Management Clinic  
Westshore Weight Management Clinic

As you know, weight management is a lifelong commitment. By visiting this website you are taking the first positive step in learning more ways to fulfill this commitment.

Westshore Weight Management Clinic offers comprehensive weight loss programs that provide education and encouragement while working with health care experts from the fields of medicine, psychology, nutrition and exercise.

Our Weight Management Team consists of an Internal Medicine physician with 20 years experience in Weight Management, a registered nurse, registered dietitian, behavioral counselor, and exercise specialist.

Our Services Include:

  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Regular medical assessments
  • Weekly behavioral group sessions focusing on long term lifestyle changes
  • Nutrition education and individualized nutrition counseling
  • On-going weight management classes

To learn more about our weight management treatment options call our office at 440 871-6060 to schedule a free information session.

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